"Ya, maaf."

Translation:Yes, sorry.

March 16, 2019



Whats the difference between maaf and permisi?


maaf = sorry, excuse me.
permisi = permission, excuse me.


Thanks, so If I understand it right Maaf would be used to get somebodys attention as example "Sorry/Excuse me ist that your chair?" Permisi would rather be used as asking permission "Excuse me can I have your chair?" Could it then also be translated as "May I" "Permisi saya punya apel kamu" = "May I have your appel?


yes that's right, 'permisi' is used to ask for 'permission', not to ask for 'forgiveness'.

Something like this :

'Maaf, saya baru menghabiskan nasi goreng kamu'
'Sorry/Excuse me, (asking for forgiveness), I just ate (finished) your nasi goreng.'

'Permisi, apakah saya boleh menghabiskan nasi goreng kamu ?'
'Sorry/Excuse me, (asking for permission) can I eat/finish your nasi goreng ?'

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