r[skill 2] plurals

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  1. Pronoms sujets using nous ; vous ; ils / elles
  2. Plural for nouns where the 'article' changes to [les]( ♫ , and works for either gender. And where an s' is added to the end of the noun.
    • les garçons : the boys
    • les filles : the girls / the daughters
    • les femmes : the women / the wives
    • les hommes : the men
    • les enfants (m): the children

    • les chats (m): the cats
    • les journals (m) : the newspapers
    • les lettres (f) : the letter, note
    • les livres (m) : the books -les menus(m): the menus.
    • les oranges (f) : the oranges
    • les pommes (f): the apples
    • les robes (f) : the dresses
      (m) : male noun, meaning in the singular it is le ~
      (f) : female noun, meaning in the singular it is la ~
  3. adjectives: (a 'describing' word, usually used to define another person or thing). Note : adjectives usually come AFTER the noun they are describing, except in cases of Beauty, Age, Numbers, Goodness/badness, and Size - BANGS. (there will be more about this later.)
    • calmes : calm where for plural add ~s to the end.
    • riches.
  4. Color as an adjective
    • rouges (intranstitive - the same for either male or female) : plural for the color red
    • noirs (male) / noires (female) : plural for the color black
      To read more about spelling of colors, click here.
  5. Verbs

To find out more about verbs and verb patterns click here . However this is just a reference, and at this early stage of your journey - it is not necessary to do heaps of reading. I think most people will just continue their steady progress up the ladder without lots of extra reading - I know I did first time around. However some people may want to delve a little further at this stage. There will though be references later in your journey back to this verb and verb pattern overview. I think most of us though did write the verb tenses on a bit of paper or similar - as above - to help us past this stage. You writing things down is also GREAT to help put things into your memory. Then repetition should do the rest. Some people do it JUST by repetition ! Everyone's journey is though unique - and it is what works for you - and keeps you engaged - that is what makes the biggest difference to gaining success. BON COURAGE ! You have already come so far.
6. AND don't forget about et ♫ : meaning 'and'.

May 25, 2014


I hope it is alright to offer corrections for two typos:
  You accidentally left the 's' off at the end of "girl" (les filles).
  Avoir belongs to the second group of french verbs (not 3rd).

Also, instead of BAGS, I learned BANGS: Beauty, Age, Numbers, Goodness/Badness & Size.

Great job! You are too kind to make these study guides for everyone. :-)

May 26, 2014

Yes - that is what this is about. Having things reviewed! I am not doing this 'professionally' I do make mistakes. THANK YOU :) Here is another lingot. Unlike a normal conversation - in these posts - I will edit information I type at will. So please I hope you understand - I have taken your information and corrected the listing above it - to be correct. Because it is about making the information above correct - not a historical document - and make it as readable as possible. A little light hearted wherever possible. Also if we can make these references as usable as possible, and have links coming into good posts - then they will not disappear under the volume of posts. - like creating a 'spider web' of connections. I know a lot of this is still my work - but I am reaching out to other good comments people have made. It will take time - but I think this is improving the site - can make peoples learning journeys better (as well as my learning journey) :)

May 26, 2014
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