"ʻAʻole au makemake i nā mea ʻulaʻula."

Translation:I do not want the red ones.

March 17, 2019

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What's wrong with 'I don't want the red things'?


Is "I don't like red things" close enough to Report?


there was a detailed discussion about Makemake meaning want or like in another thread (maybe available on the "discussion" section I can't access right now)


Ok, found it:

From our kumu Maui Bartlett

The text below is based on and adapted from Nā Kai ʻEwalu: Beginning Hawaiian Lessons Makahiki 1, Puke 1:

In Hawaiian the difference between the meanings “like to” and “want to” is shown by using different analula.

I want to sing. -> Makemake au e hīmeni.

I like to sing. OR I "like" singing. -> Makemake au i ka hīmeni.

"Makemake ʻo ia i ka pāʻani wikiō" can be translated as "She/He likes playing video games (literally video game playing) OR "She/He likes to play video games". In this case, "pāʻani wikiō" is used like a verb.

It could also be translated as "She/He wants/likes the video game." In this case, "pāʻani wikiō" is used like a noun.

However, to express "She/He wants to play video games" you would use "Makemake ʻo ia e pāʻani wikiō".


I don't like the red ones was marked wrong. I thought want and like were interchangeable.

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