"I am in the middle of the park."

Translation:Aia au i waena o ka pāka.

March 17, 2019

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My question is also along those lines of pedrohio. I would add a "ka" to the answer, "Aia au ma ka waena o ka pāka" but the confusion remains the same. Why not "ma"? In an earlier discussion to a similar question someone suggested that "ma" and "i" are used interchangeable but that you use "i" for motion but "ma" for static. If that is correct, wouldn't me standing in the middle of the park require "ma" rather then "i"? Help or insight anybody? Thank you


Couldn't this also be, "Aia au ma waena o ka paaka"? Why does one use "i" here instead of "ma"? In a previous discussion, it was said that "i" meant "towards" and "ma" meant "in", and my answer was marked wrong when I translated "i" as "in". So, the given answer seems inconsistent.


Read Kekoa's explanation of "i" vs "ma". It's very helpful. https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/33314201


So the "i" is used because I am right now in the middle of the park but that is not where I always am. Got it. Mahalo!


"Wau" for "I" is a typo!


"wau" and "au" both mean I


[LA] 1 Pers. pron., first person. I.



My answer is "I waena o ka paka au". Is it acceptable?

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