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  5. "They have a teenage kid."

"They have a teenage kid."

Translation:Mereka memiliki seorang anak remaja.

March 17, 2019



Would "mempunyai" a better tramslation for "have"? I have a sneaky feeling that "memiliki" is better translation for "own" or "possess".


According to KBBI :

memiliki/me·mi·liki/ v 1 mempunyai:

Tell us all about your sneaky feeling.....Why is it better according to you ?


Thank you for KBBI. FYI "sneaky feeling" is an expression. I am trying to learn. Why do you answer questions with more questions? Just tell me if my 'sneaky feeling' is jsutified. In other words, is "memiliki" a better translation? Yes? No, why not?


Dude... Lighten up. Pretty demanding, aren't we? She helps you, then makes a friendly, joking remark and you get all bent out of shape about it. Wow.

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