"Hapahā i hala ka hola ʻekahi"

Translation:Quarter past one

March 17, 2019

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Hola ʻehia kēia? = What time is it?

Hapahā i hala ka hola ʻekahi = Quarter past one

(or) ʻO ka hola ʻehia kēia? = What time is it?

(or) ʻO ka hapahā kēia i hala ka hola ʻekahi. = It's quarter past one.

[deactivated user]

    How do you say 1:45?


    Hapahā i koe kani ka hola ʻelua.

    i koe kani ka hola = before, to (in telling time)


    Whatʻs the difference between ʻekahi and hoʻokahi?


    Ha! I put 6:15 and got it right! ...Perfect example to not be so hard on ourselves. It has it's glitches, akā, still a great app!

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