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I'm a bit confused

So I'm relatively new to learning Japanese and when I began I already knew hiragana, katakana, and some simple phrases/greetings, but when I got to the kanji part, I seemed to crash and burn. Are there any tips for making things a bit easier to remember?

March 17, 2019



I usually write kanji (with correct stroke order), its onyomi and/or kunyomi, and its definition with diagrams or pictures (and colors if you want to be creative) that relate to kanji on a notebook. Then, I use a sheet a paper and practice writing it over and over again every day until it got stuck in my head.

This way, you can come back to the notebook for reference and YEET that sheet of paper when you're done practicing.


Draw them out. Simple yet should help a little.


Thanks so much! I've been stuck on them for a while :')


Sorry, I don’t have more but I haven’t studied Japanese enough.


That's okay! Any advice is good in my case


If you work on drawing out the symbols and memorise them, it is pretty simple from then on. :) (hope it helps, a little... >///<)


Thank you! I've started doing this and it's helped a lot!


I learned all the kanji I know using the book "Remembering the Kanji" by James Heisig (might've spelled that wrong) just write out each kanji once or twice and make flashcards for each one you learn.


I'll have to check that out! Thank you for telling me!


Wanikani is a good tool for kanji memorization. Free to Level 3.


Welcome to my world @ _ @ ^ _ ^

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