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  5. "She is eating a tomato."

"She is eating a tomato."

Translation:Chʼil Łichxíʼí yį́yą́.

March 17, 2019



How are we supposed to get through these without a Navajo keyboard? The ones available in the Google Play Store don't appear to be up to task.


Some of the words for phone app users need to be typed differently. My phone allows me to pass by typing: yí'yá' instead of having those special characters that don't come up on my phone, nor thru my adjusted keyboard settings.


the unique characters (accents and gutterals) are available on the screen. It's just a pain to switch to go back and forth between the keyboard and the screen.


How can Duolingo expect us to learn Navajo if there is no sound?!?!?!


It is still beta but I agree. I hope they're still working on it


is it t or l with a line through. Kerps trlling me i am getting ch'il tichxi'i wrong


I'm having the same problem. I keep getting errors because I don't have access to the special characters


The special characters are on the screen under the fill-in area. Just point and click on the needed letter.


Thats not the problem. Some phone app users dont have the pre programmed characters on their keyboard dispite already having looked thru the key options.


Does anyone know why "bił" isn't required for this sentence?


I would also like to know that, please.


I answered: Ch'il Lichxi'i yíyá

and it said I was wrong. What did I do wrong?


You put an "L" instead of the unique letter "ł" in the Navajo alphabet.


Google has an keyboard for download called GBoard and it has a Navajo keyboard with ALL the extra characters that makes texting the words out WAY easier. It even has the settings to suggest the navajo word you are typing making it one thousand times easier when forgetting the extra letters or anything. Hope this helps.


Thank you so much.


Of course all the suggestions are different spelling than in this course...


I write the answer correctly and it still says that I'm wrong


I passed by spelling it: Ch'il łichxí'í yí'yá'


the spelling of lichxi is questionable. Because I've seen it spelt lichii.


The dictionary hint gives Ch'il OR Łichxíʼí, instead of Chʼil Łichxíʼí.


...and I do NOT have a typo!!! Duolingo provided the word for tomato, then I wrote yiya using the special letters below, and the answer said I had a typo...???


Why is the second word in the answer capitalized?


Copy and paste the properly formated "yiya" from Wictionary to bypass the issue


This is literally impossible without the keyboard. I have the right letters


Download Gboard on the app store and download the Navajo keyboard.


This is not a good program. It clearly does not recognize that I do not havd the Navajo keyboard on tbis phone yo work with. If I write it the same way 3 tines it should move on. How do I move to the next level uf it won't let me get passed the spelling issues.


Download Gboard on the app store and download the Navajo keyboard.


Can not get character to complete sentence


My keyboard wont let me use the right letters , ive tried downloading a Navajo keyboard but it's not working. Im autistic, this is really stressing me


I am told the spelling of tomato is wrong even though it's exactly like the " correct' answer. Done this about a dozen times but it won't let me past this exercise


Stop requiring learners to write out the Navajo until the bugs are fixed or until it becomes a full blown course. Who ever came up with the orthography was a sadist


Yiya. Is my keyboard that i guess do not work with this word


Had to put yiya' to get it correct


This answer is the closest thing that my smart phone can do.


Download Gboard on the app store and download the Navajo keyboard.


I have got í or į on my keyboard , but not a letter i with both these accents, so keeps telling me I'm wrong. Same with letter A and T. Have been through settings on my keyboard but can't change as no navajo listed under language input. Anyone know a way around this? Very frustrating.

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I've gotten around it by using the ą or į then adding ' after the letter that has both the upper and lower accents (ą' or į'). My phone doesn't have the lower accent on o, so I just use ó for that one. I also take screenshots of ones that are accepted so I can refer back to those. Sometimes just the upper accent works (á or í). Also the "crossed t" isn't T, it's an L.


trying to add the i abd a, won't add


As long as I have the English equivalents of the letters it accepts my answers. I don't think it'll help me fully learn but there are a lot of accents.


No shit me to i can,t get through


I guess I'll just wait until they're done completing the navajo.


I cannot continue due to the keyboard issues, despite my best efforts I cannot locate the special "t" this answer requires.

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I discovered it's an L, not a T. My (Samsung) keyboard has the Ł or ł if i press the L and hold it. If yours doesn't, try just an L with no accent.


I do not know why is not put down the words


needs to be english keyboard friendly, but you obviously know what you're doing here

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