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вечер vs вчера

Is вечер (evening) related to вчера (yesterday)? The words sound so similar, I feel like they have to be related in proto-Slavic or something! Does anyone have any information on this? Thanks in advance.

March 18, 2019



You're right. Вьчера is an old form of the instrumental case of the word вечер in Old Russian. Here ь (ерь) is extra-short or reduced и. After so named "падения редуцированных" ("the fall (vanishing) of extra-short vowels" - actually I don't know how to say it in English) it transformed into вчера. You can read more about it on https://lexicography.online/etymology/в/вчера


It is the fall or yers.

[deactivated user]

    Интересно. Возможно корни отсюда? https://ru.chabad.org/library/article_cdo/aid/1681082


    If the words "morning" and "tomorrow" are from the same route in many languages (mañana, Morgen, утро-->завтра (from «за утро») etc.), why cannot "yesterday" be from "evening"? ;-)


    I am not sure of their etymology, but nowadays they are not related. And I wouldn't say that they sound similar.


    Как ещё один вариант: Вечер - день вечереет, т.е. сегодняшний день переходит во вчерашний день.


    you can pronounce this words like zis vecher vs fchera

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