"Kami akan memperluas kamar ini."

Translation:We will expand this room.

March 18, 2019

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It is more common to use extend when talking about a house or a room.


That's funny.

So, if the size of a room or a house is increased in two dimensions (length and width) , English would use 'to extend' ?

Just curious, because in Indonesian it's not the same.

memperpanjang = to make something longer = to extend.

memperlebar = to make something wider = to widen.

memperluas = to increase the area = to expand.

So, in Indonesian, 'memperpanjang' and 'memperlebar' can have the meaning of 'memperluas'.
By increasing one dimension (length or width) , you also increase the area (ceteris paribus).

In Indonesian you could also use 'memperbesar' (to make something bigger).
'memperbesar' could also imply a third dimension (height) .
Something like building an extra floor on top of your current house.

Would English also use 'to extend' in such a case ?


Angela is right, "extend" is better here than "expand".

"Expand" can be used for area or volume, but just isn't normally used for buildings. It is used for waistlines, businesses and the universe, for example.

"Extend" can mean in length or area (or time). Yes, if you add a floor to a building you are extending upwards.

We have "lengthen" for one dimension but I can't think of a word that applies specifically to area, or to volume. Something might pop into my head about 2am...

"Enlarge" should also be accepted by Duolingo for this translation.


Thx for explaining this, 'make bigger' is not accepted here but should be in this context.


What about: We will widen this room.

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