"Kami akan memperluas kamar ini."

Translation:We will expand this room.

March 18, 2019



It is more common to use extend when talking about a house or a room.

March 18, 2019


That's funny.

So, if the size of a room or a house is increased in two dimensions (length and width) , English would use 'to extend' ?

Just curious, because in Indonesian it's not the same.

memperpanjang = to make something longer = to extend.

memperlebar = to make something wider = to widen.

memperluas = to increase the area = to expand.

So, in Indonesian, 'memperpanjang' and 'memperlebar' can have the meaning of 'memperluas'.
By increasing one dimension (length or width) , you also increase the area (ceteris paribus).

In Indonesian you could also use 'memperbesar' (to make something bigger).
'memperbesar' could also imply a third dimension (height) .
Something like building an extra floor on top of your current house.

Would English also use 'to extend' in such a case ?

March 24, 2019
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