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"Come credete che si sentano i pazienti?"

Translation:How do you believe the patients feel?

May 25, 2014



The English strikes me as odd, with "What do you think the patients feel?" seeming more natural. The English answer given seems to be asking for a physiological explanation with the questioner trying to ascertain medical knowledge. The answer I gave seems more correct if the question was meant rhetorically to encourage consideration and better manners in talking to patients. If only I understood Italian I could tell if mine makes more sense.


That is poor English and does not make sense


I agree, this sentence is awkward and means nothing in English.


It makes sense to me. How do you think patients feel when they are referred to as "the broken leg in Room 5" or "the heart attack in room 7"?


I agree with the other comments. It would never be said that way in English. It would be think not believe. But after five years, it doesn’t look like anyone at Duolingo reads the comments.

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