"You will not dance to music"

Translation:Hutacheza muziki

March 18, 2019

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hamtacheza muziki is not "You will not dance to music"?


It is in the plural.


In another exercise "Atacheza muziki" now has to be translated to 'he will play music', while 'he will dance to music' is not accepted anymore (it used to be). Inconsistent and confusing!! Now, what is the true meaning??


I think that sentence was removed, I can't find it in the course.

so, 'cheza muziki' can be either 'play music' or 'dance to music', but from personal experience, it's more common to add 'muziki' if you're talking about playing it, whereas if you mean 'dance', people just say 'cheza' (or 'densi'. We get lazy with language sometimes :D)


The Eng-Swa sentences has been changed, but the Swa-Eng (i.e. this one) is still there: If I remember well it was in the future tense lesson nr. 17.


yes, the sentence above is still there, 'atacheza muziki' is not. For the above sentence, both 'dance' and 'play' are given


"Hamtacheza muziki" was not accepted today 11/29/20. Will report

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