"He hana leʻaleʻa ka pāʻani wikiō."

Translation:Playing video games is a fun activity.

March 18, 2019

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What's wrong with "The video game is a fun activity" ? I thought that "ka" is singular ?


In English "the" refers to a specific item or multiple specific items. "The video game is a fun activity," refers to some specific video game. "The video games are a fun activiy," refers to some specific video games. In English we can use the plural and leave off "the" to make it more general - about all of those things, not specific ones: "Video games are a fun activity.

In Hawaiian, you cannot leave off "ka" unless you are using some other determiner. Every noun must have some kind of determiner. Thus to talk about video games in general you still have to use "ka". Sometimes that means that without context you can't tell if the sentence is talking about a specific item or generally talking about those items.

Theoretically this sentence could be either "Video games are a fun activity" or "The video game is a fun activity", but the second sentence (the one you suggest) is an odd sentence in English. We would be more likely to say, "That video game is a fun activity." I can see why the Hawaiian team decided not to accept "The video game", though, since it is a grammatical sentence and a direct translation, I would probably be inclined to include it if I were making those decisions.


A year later I put ‘the video game’ — the literal translation — and it is still marked wrong. It looks like the Hawaiian uses a noun form as a verb?

Anyway, I will report that ‘the video game’ should be accepted.


I had the idea that "ka pāʻani wikiō" could mean "video games." I keep getting this one wrong.


And in this sentence that is an appropriate translation. That's exactly how it is in the translation above. Are you sure there is not some other part you are getting wrong? Do you have a screen cap?


No, the translation has "PLAYING video games." I translated "Video games are a fun activity."


Ah. I see. Yeah, I agree that the sentence is the same with or without the word "playing" and that your version probably should have been accepted. Did you report it?


No, I wasn't that sure I was right.


So I left off "activity." Would that be "le'alela ka pa'ani wikio"? (And then could it be video game(s) (singular or plural)? "The video game is fun"? Or could that also mean, "Playing video games is fun"?)


How about " A fun activity is playing video games. ??


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