About audio lessons, listening with transcriptions, ...

Does someone know where can I have audio lessons, audio/video with trancriptions TO TRAIN MY LISTENING??

( or even movies, videos, podcasts, etc )

Thank you everyone, God bless, namaste

March 18, 2019


Suddenly, youtube is an endless source of those. Search it for any topic you're interested in and choose the videos with subtitles.

March 19, 2019

oh yeah To be honest, I didn't explore it till this day!

I feel kinda shocked because it seemed to me kinda suddenly that youtube had transformed itself in this but, but...

You are right. It became an endless source.

But for now I do prefer some other source more specific.

( I'm still not good to write in Russian nowadays, so I can not get to search what I want in Russian, although I could just translate automatically, and I'm already good with the layout "yazhert", but, for now, I am not using Youtube for Russian, maybe some days later... )


March 21, 2019

I prefer to read books while listening to the appropriate audio.

Here is a link for the book Treasure Island:

Here is a link to the audio:

March 18, 2019

What a very nice site! I saved it here on my favorites, but I'm still not prepared to enjoy a book on Russian. Unfortunately, but maybe someday in near future.

I give it a try with this audio on youtube, but it was very hard to just can follow the words with the voice of the narrator.

Thank you very much. Is this the book from Stevenson? I didn't read it even in english but for sure it's really classic.

I think I would need the english version to go now, but maybe in a few days, say months, I can return to this reading.

March 21, 2019

Stevenson :))))

March 21, 2019

There is a surprising wealth of Russian movies & TV series on Amazon Prime. I've also seen several members suggest this site as well:

March 18, 2019

Here where I live, in Brazil, everyone uses netflix, it's nice to think about another company ( I don't like monopolies haha )

Today for me it is still early to watch these films, but I can check it later.


This site is the kind I was thinking about, "3ears", it may be very useful.

March 21, 2019

I'm not sure if Netflix has much, I've been mainly finding stuff on AmazonPrime. :) But there are also full length movies with subtitles on Youtube as well. I'm only just starting to branch out into other sources myself.

Boa sorte!

March 21, 2019

Viel danke ^^

Plenty of sources!

Look for the page:

I was impressed when I found, there are so many pages listed, that you stumble lost and confused, like dunno where to go haha

Satisfação, Ana ^^ [ in Brazil, "Satisfação!" is a slang for greeting, it's like to say "I'm glad to meet you" or "I'm happy to be with you", so, we say "Satisfação" in suburbs of São Paulo in Brazil. Well, I'm explaining it because it seems like you are Portuguese from Portugal, not native Brazilian... haha Bye! ]

March 31, 2019

You may have to register to access this first site (I registered for the parent site long ago, so it automatically let's me on). If so, go to the main site of the Pushkin Institute--note the dashboard at the top, in English--and register if you want to try it (top right corner).

Try this page, the "ЧИТАЛЬНЫЙ ЗАЛ (7+)" button. For starters, click on the round A1 button, on the next page also click on the A1 button, and choose the first story, "ИГРУШКИ." You can either select "СЛУШАЕМ" for sound only, or "ЧИТАЕМ И, ЕСЛИ ХОТИМ, СЛУШАЕМ" for text and (at the bottom) audio. A story for children in the primary grades will be narrated at a slow pace, and you can follow along with text and illustrations.

This is really great practice, but keep in mind that it is intended for children who already know the language, so there will be plenty of vocabulary that is taken for granted.

This РУССКИЙ ЯЗЫК ДЛЯ НАШИХ ДЕТЕЙ site has plenty of material for children, including quizzes, and narrated material for which you can download the text in .mobi format. Look around to see if there's more that will be useful to you.

Besides that, you will find on the main site (first link in this post) an extremely detailed interactive introduction to Russian for foreigners. You'll be given a quiz to determine your ability (A1-C2). You can try any of the courses for levels easier than you tested out to, as well. I suggest doing so, as Russians always seem to overestimate what a learner who is not fluent in Russian will understand. The very beginning level is a course in Russian phonetics. It is very good, but is done in excruciating detail. If you must go through it (I don't know if it is required or not) it definitely would be worth the time. I tried it at an earlier incarnation of the site and found it useful, FWIW. (Caveat: the interfaces for the site changed last summer, and I've not tried it since, but the course was supposed to stay as it was.)

Try listening and reading in "SLOW Russian" on YouTube, an adapted Sherlock Holmes story (3 or 4 parts, I forget). You can download a full transcript of the text with notes, too. Start around 1:45 in, if you want to skip most of the introduction. If the reading becomes too slow for you, you can bump up the speed with the settings button; it will not be like normal Russian, as the spaces between words are too marked, but it will be better. Very nicely prepared material that you may like.

There is also this "Slow Russian" podcast, which has subtitles, at least. (Haven't tried it, myself.)

If this is all too easy, don't hesitate to ask again. Have fun!

[Added] Bookbox is very good, but only with subtitles, as can be Pokoyo, w/ no subtitles at all.

March 19, 2019

wow Now I see I'm plenty of options haha

Thank you for all your text, with many different options! And thanks for your attention and patience too :-)

Well, I read from the start untill "Bookbox" and "Pokoyo", then I started navigating from the bottom, and returned to the top, with the PUSHKININSTITUTE.

And here is what I've found:

Pokoyo seems to be well produced and directed, but is still to hard for me, I think I shouldn't start with it...

Bookbox I liked it very much, I liked the drawings, and it is very well narrated, and I think I will return soon to this.

I liked the "Slow Russian" with Fedor, because I'm already following him, and I like the way he teaches.

The other "Slow Russian" is also nice because I already read many stories from Sherlock Holmes, and I like of Conan Doyle, and mysteries, etc This girls who presents also seems convincing, and I will follow her channel "Boost your Russian"!

Well, I only started navigating at the Pushkin Institute, and I need to return there with more time, but, for now, I already liked of this session "rus4chld" and the "ЧИТАЛЬНЫЙ ЗАЛ (7+)" is very very good. I will return and register next time, of course.

By now, I'm following Real Russian Club [ ] I like the way the girl ( her name is Daria ) explains, the main videos last usually nearly 1 hour, but I do like it.

I'm also following "Be Fluent in Russian" like I said ( Fedor's channel ).

From now on, I'll follow "Boost your Russian" too, and maybe when I reach some more skills here on Duolingo, I may return to these sources, and I may study interchangeing with PUSHKININSTITUTE, it would be more appropriate I think...

Thank you again!

March 21, 2019

You're welcome. I'm glad some of the suggestions look good to you. Thanks for writing back!. And thanks for the Slow Russian with Fedor suggestion. It looks like a great series.

The bookbox videos are useful. If they're the right level for you now, they'll provide a good amount of practice. The pushkininstitute Читальный зал stories are very nice, and they are graded: the stories for each level (A1-B2) become gradually harder--they are very well done.

If you are not used to practicing this way, let me suggest that you listen over and over again until each story is very understandable. Taking "dctation practice" from audio is helpful too, when you have text to check against. Natalie4owls is right that reading stories with audio is really useful.

If you do not mind using sites like librebook, you'll find plenty of material These stories by Борис Житков are pretty easy, Что я видел; the text starts in the middle of the page with "Как меня называли"; links to each indivоidual story are just above the text; to find the audio, СКАЗКИ > Рассказы > Борис Житков > Что я видел . There are other fairly easy authors on the site, such as Виктор Драгунский. And all this material will be found on many other sites, sometimes better formatted.

Денискины рассазый or here on other sites, are a little harder. (Audio for some of the stories), note that you can change the speed of the recordings (скорость) .

See the suggestions here, for instance my suggestion of "Старое радио," which has a huge amount of sometimes easier audio in a section called "Детское радио," but until your Russian is pretty good the site will probably be difficult to navigate.

For any of the audio that you find you like, you should be able to find online text by doing a google search. If searching for author and title does not work, try a search for a sentence or so from the text within quotation marks.

Well, I've written a book here again. Anyway, there's lots of Russian material out there. Keep looking on Youtube, too. Have fun!

March 23, 2019

oh yeah I think Читальный зал will be very helpfull to extend my vocabulary, and it's for sure very well done, and I'm already registered and they say they give a Сертификаты, it looks very formal and professional and diplomatic and I don't know what more ^^

As you said, at "chto-ya-videl", they offer the mp3 too, what is very good, and this stories by Житков and Драгунский sounds very good, and you also have cited Dragunskij in your other comments.

I followed your other comments here:

and here:

This method of "Comparison two languages" is what I do prefer, because I think is much more easy to go on.

AUDIOKNIGI.CLUB is also a very very good page, there are so many options, it's really really nice... let me..

Let me tell you a thing, I've heard Russian people have the good habit of reading and I think it's very very, I don't know, but I liked it very much, cause Russia sounds like another different world, culture and different world vision and perception and way of think and modus vivendi, and it's nice to become able to communicate with this world ( like other worlds and countries as well haha ), but now,

Look at this:

I've found recently what I was just looking for, a course by RT, it's probably well up-to-date and straightforward, I'll take a look at this too, it reminds me another course of German I studied before...

You said you've written books here, and I realised I'M ALREADY READING BOOKS! ( by you yourself )You understand? haha

It's OK and wellcame, cause I'm used to write my books too, an it's nice because I can train my English, as it can be clearly noted, I'm not a native speaker haha


March 31, 2019

You said you've written books here, and I realised I'M ALREADY READING BOOKS!

ROFL! (= rolling on the floor, laughing). You made me laugh aloud.

Thanks for this very detailed reply. I just saw it today, two months late, or I would have replied sooner. Thanks for the learnrussian.rt link, too. It's great to get a positive response. :)

I hope your Russian is still going well.

June 8, 2019


You can also try podcasts on . Lots of them have a (free) link to download the transcript of the dialog.

March 24, 2019


This page is very nice, by Tatiana Klimova, we instantly see at the first glance, and there are many podcasts, and recently aired...

Thye have a session for club, other for bonus, blog, for herself's information, and so on...

She also have a "pay what you want" system, like Radiohead haha

She also mention that she studies Japanese, what is really hard ^^ NICE

Thank you my friend

March 31, 2019


I'd like to thank everyone for the attention, and I'd like to recommend a page, too.

"Some very useful resources for Russian." BY P-CODE

They have collected various pages and listed for all of us to go on navigate

I recommend you all to follow this discussion if you want.

До скорого ^^

March 31, 2019
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