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This site would be perfect with achievements, Any plan to add them?

I just got my first "perfect" round and i thought it would be cool to get a bonus for doing certain things.

A couple more could be "get three perfect rounds in a row", or "completed 5 skills", or "used Duolingo 10 days in a row"

Anybody agree?

July 16, 2012



Wouldn't mind - but not in favour either.

I have the impression DuoLingo is toning down on this stuff because they don't want to encourage people to do only the 'easy' translations.


Pavlovian, maybe...but I think it's still not a bad concept to keep people working away. I for one have kept myself studying by keeping an eye on the point of my fellow learners - I'll surpass you all!!! Well, probably not, but if you need that extra kick in the butt, competitiveness can often lend a hand.


I know what you mean, you can see a lot of that in Khan Academy with their badgets system and statistics menu. Although I tend to agree with weerlicht that it could have undesired effects, I think that if they do it carefully it might work, specially with some statistics (like some graph of your progress over time, max of skill points scored in a single day, quantity of other users questions answered, etc) They are adding a new feature for vocabulary practice soon, which is really great news. I saw some images in the Duolingo subreddit (the post isn`t there anymore) and it looked awesome!


Very much in favor.

I know this site is about language learning and the greatest achievement is the actual language you learn - but, I also know that a good rewarding systems makes you more likely not to miss a lesson etc. Why not to make the learning even more fun than it is? Khan academy's achievements are one example.

Weerlicht's got a point in that some users might want go for easy points, but this could be solved by implementing better rating algorithms.

But hey, I think we're making it more complicated than it looks like. The idea is not to have the leveling/points system become something critical that users would try to abuse or use to gain some kind of advantage over others. Only to serve as a general idea of your achievements/time spent on duolingo and to motivate you build upon your skill and master a language, and I think achievements will only help in this goal.


Sounds very pavlovian. Learning a new language is rewarding enough for me, though I wouldn't be against such a feature; as long as there's a button/option to disable it, if you don't want it.

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