"Mwalimu anafundisha somo la kiswahili"

Translation:A teacher is teaching the Swahili lesson

March 19, 2019



This is not correct usage of the word "subject" in an English sentence. The question may certainly be asked: "What subject do you teach?" BUT the answer is "I teach Swahili" or "I teach the Swahili course" (assuming there is only one). Native speakers of English do not say "I teach the Swahili subject."

Regarding the Swahili sentence, is this use of "somo la .." obligatory? Is it a mistake to say, "Ninafundisha Kiswahili" or "Ninafundisha hisibati", leaving out the "somo la"?

March 19, 2019


no, you can leave 'somo la' out and it wouldn't change the meaning. I think here the intended meaning is to distinguish it as a formal course; in East Africa we call courses, subjects. But I agree, it's more common to leave it out

March 19, 2019


Why is "The teacher teaches the Swahili lesson" not considered correct?

April 13, 2019
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