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  5. "torgh qoq muS mang."

"torgh qoq muS mang."

Translation:The soldier hates Torg's robot.

March 19, 2019



torghDaj qoq muS mang || -Daj for possessive (his) || (The language is in beta so I'm not sure if this is the correct way to help roll out stuff (if there is something) but I've just been using it as of now)


The -Daj doesn't work here. You're basically saying The soldier hates his Torg's robot.

-Daj doesn't work like 's in English. It's more like his/her/its. torghDaj means his Torg.

To translate English 's, you usually use what's known as a noun-noun construction: you put the possessor noun in front and the noun possessed after it. torgh qoq Torg's robot.


I think I understand now, I'm guessing that -Daj can be used in Klingon like how possessive pronouns are used in English (sentences where proper nouns aren't used) For example, You use -Daj in "qoqDaj mus mang"?


qoqDaj muS mang
The soldier hates his robot

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