Maybe you could make the Klingon course a little more deep in detail, with like voice speakers?

March 19, 2019


We have included a lot of grammar and vocabulary and are slowly adding more audio. We do have plans for an expansion, but it's going to take us quite a while to complete it. What specifically are you thinking needs to be added?

I am not the original poster, and I am happy with the current tree... But I am worried I will finish it too soon!

as for things to add...

  • missing conjunctions, joq/qoj comes to my mind, maybe a lesson dedicated to name/phrase conjunction

  • maybe a lesson music 2 on stringed instruments

  • geometry terms maybe

  • oddly, there are fewer military/space battle terms than I expected

  • toasts

Hi will199479! I have been at it for a couple of months and was more than surprised when I suddenly heard a few words . And I was pretty good at the pronunciation. I have been using an app: boQwI' klingonisch-Assistent. (On google play- for free and no ads!) It seems to be a German app. But, you can use English in the search and the translations are in English, too. I am not sure about the menu because mine is in German and I can't find a quick way to change it. You will need to download the Vorlesesoftware (text to speech). Give it a try. yIwaH!

Ok thanks For the reply

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