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  5. "Riña ābrā kirini issi."

"Riña ābrā kirini issi."

Translation:The girl and the woman are happy.

March 19, 2019



The audio sounded weird. it was going, and then--right in the middle of the sentence--it stopped! should i report it?


Yes, please do report it. Sometimes the recording cuts off before I finish. I usually catch them, but I am recording a lot of these quite quickly, so sometimes I don't. If you report that the audio isn't working, I'll go and listen to it and see if there's anything wrong. If it's cut off, I'll hear it. (At least I hope. I have so far!)


Well, now it's a mystery. I just went and listened to the audio on my end and there were no problems whatsoever. :( If you could, could you try to find that sentence again in your studies and listen again?


Sometimes it happens to me too, usually due to bad internet connection, so the audio itself should not have any problems but it perhaps needs a bit of time to load.


probably not, however if it continues you might want to do that


Why is "The woman and the girl are happy." not accepted?

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