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  5. "वह दौड़ रहा है ।"

"वह दौड़ रहा है "

Translation:He is running.

March 19, 2019



This is confusing. Why is रहा in there at all? Why isn't it just वह दौड़ है


रहा is for the present continuous. "वह दौड़ है" would translate to "That is (the) run/race", which you might say while pointing to a racetrack.

"He runs" would be "वह दौड़ता है"

"He is running" would be "वह दौड़ रहा है"


वह दौङ है। it doesn't make any sense. "रहा है" is the "ing" part of the sentence. If you say in English "he is run" ( without ing ) it doesn't mean anything. Same in hindi, if you drop "रहा " that will be meaningless without "रहा " HTH....


वह दौङ रहा/रही है ।( present continuous tense) He/she is running.........
वह दौङता/दौङती है ।( simple present tense ) He/She runs...... वह दौङने वाला/वाली है । ( near future) He /She is about to run...... वह दौङे गा/गी । ( future tense) He/She will run.........


Please remove that sound

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