"The nose smells"

Translation:Pua hunusa

March 19, 2019



I think this is trying to say that the nose smells [constantly, habitually, regularly, all the time]... hence Pua [noun class 9] hu-nusa, where hu- is for habitual or regular... but "the nose smells" seems like a direct translation should be Pua i-nusa or Pua i-na-nusa... is this not acceptable?

March 19, 2019


the sentence is in present simple tense, habitual, so the infix '-hu-' is used. The infix '-na-' is used in present simple tense for non-action verbs ('I like bananas' - 'Ninapenda ndizi') or for verbs in present continuous tense i.e. 'the nose is smelling' - pua linanusa

'Pua' is in the noun class 'Ji/Ma', and if you want to exclude the '-na-', you'd say 'pua lanusa'. For the noun class N/N you'd say 'yanusa'

March 20, 2019
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