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I lost my 100+ day streak, even though I practiced that day (and before midnight)?

(I've written about this in the forum earlier, but realised that I probably should have posted it here under the Troubleshooting topic..)

Two weeks ago I was on a train with a rather unstable wifi connection. I practiced french using the app on my iphone, and it seemed like the lessons I completed were registered. (I earned over 20 points, according to the app) But later in the evening I got a reminder to practice, and the next day my streak was gone..

This has happened once before, but that time I had a streak freeze equipped. I've contacted Support about getting my streak back, but haven't heard anything yet - apart from the initial reply.


(My earlier post on this: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/3062532)

May 25, 2014



If you were traveling somewhere in another timezone, for example where you have signed in in Duolingo it is 00:01 and where you are now it's 16:00 it will be restarted because the time of the place where you have singed in with your Duolingo-account only counts.

Hope that makes sense :), seby-07.


I'm aware of that, but thank you for answering anyways :) I was traveling inside one timezone, and haven't moved since starting duo, so that's not it.

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