"Você pode procurar pelo elefante."

Translation:You can look for the elephant.

April 9, 2013

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Is "You can search for the elephant" also correct?


If "procurar" means "to look for", then do we really need "pelo" in this sentence?


Yes. In this case it may be used. Sometimes look for just translate the verb. Look for a job = procurar um emprego, im looking for you =estou te procurando. Sometimes you decide whether or not use a preposition. Estou procurando minhas chaves = estou procurando por minhas chaves.on duo's you can say procurar o elefante or pelo elefante, both of them have the same meaning ;)


To me that seems redundant? To say voce pode procurar um elefante would imply to me that you're looking to find an elephant - like to acquire one. To say voce pode procurar PELO elefante seems to imply that you're looking for something on his behalf? Like the elephant cannot find his peanuts, so you are helping him to look for them.

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