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Activity Restriction


I was wondering if there is anyway to 'block' out sections of the Duolingo scheme until it has been assigned by the teacher?

I think it is a fantastic programme to use with a class of children, however, I do not want to have my children at different points on the scheme. I know that some children will want to race ahead and some will take their time...this would create a disjointed learning experience.

Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated.


March 20, 2019



That isn't possible with Duolingo, no. I would think of that as an advantage, though, rather than a disadvantage. If your students want to do independent study and learn more, that's surely a good thing. If they put themselves in a position where they've learned so much they can't participate in your lesson any more, you could have them consolidate their learning by helping another student, or have them revise or study a topic that's further through Duolingo's course.

The danger is that students might not do enough revision of the material you're studying if they're too busy racing ahead. You can set them revision tasks to counter that.


hmm just letting you know you are being heard.
and I am looking forward to share some ideas with you, though this is not an issue I have yet worked through at Duo.
also. I am not staff. I am a volunteer GA. however it is now time for me in my time zone to get some sleep. and I have another big day tomorrow. I hope someone else will come along also before I double back to this in my tomorrow.


the more I ponder on this issue, I would like to open up the discussion of the importance of teaching for diversity and the potential of serendipitous and self engaged and motivated learning.

and to discuss in more detail of how duo assists this, as well as getting an overview of where the strengths and weakness through the class is. how to capitalize on this while also reaching curriculum requirements that may be relevant to your jurisdiction. sorry I am so tiered and also typing on my phone.

this is a very important issue.


Hi Ross, thank you for your very pertinent question.

I like the points Hugh has brought up.

Another thing to consider is Duolingo teaches through sentences. Not through teaching individual words, nor by teaching in the way a Grammar book does. It does not present you with grammar concepts unless you go looking.
Such as :

  • ensuring your read and seek to really understand the Tips and Notes (TIPS) that are presented at the start of a skill,
  • by reading and engaging in asking questions in the Sentence Discussions
  • by seeking out relevant Discussion posts in the relevant Forums.

Duolingo seeks to teach in a science based way, assessing factors such as retention of learners and progress of learners.

So Duolingo does not replace the value of teaching, and teaching by introducing students to grammar concepts. Duolingo I see complements other forms of language learning, especially when you are also studying under the tuition of a teacher who is going through the grammar and rules of a language.

  • Duolingo uses all sorts of incidental motivators which focuses on learning language as a game. Using a number of proven measures that studies have shown to be effective, and are also assessed by Duolingo as to the effectiveness through using statistics and firm figures of analysis.

You may also be interested in reading:

- https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/articles/115000035183-Are-there-


Other articles that may interest you:
- https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/4229799/How-well-does-Duolingo-teach-a-language
- https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/18732503/Does-Duolingo-really-teach-languages-effectively

I still do not think I have adequately addressed the great topics your question calls upon.

Especially concerns about :

a disjointed learning experience

And still have some other ideas I would like to float. However at the moment this is all the time I have. I look forward to come back to this discussion. (I have to rush off to my other commitments now.)

Also to note, some of this is In My Opinion. And I would welcome input from staff on anything I have said.

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