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May 25, 2014



It is very nice of you to go to all this trouble to help others. :-)


+2 lingot hahah all that I had xD


I'm really appreciated what you are doing :D


Yep:D I'll constantly make my best! and actually, I really love to share what I've learned so I used to share my knowledge with others through sites like quora. But in french, I'm totally a newbie in this field... Although only in 2 weeks I will go to Paris as a student, I'm going to have to try my best :).. Well, I'm not sure it will works for you but there are few tips I found :D

First, before I try duolingo french in website, there is a ≪ tips and note ≫ ! At first i didn't notice it because I only tried it in my phone. But if you are using website, reading throughly before you try will help you a lot!

Second is to find some french cultures you love so much! In fact, I'm deep into musicals and plays, especially Notre dame de Paris, and some of musics are so famous that you can easily find the translated version. ≪ Les temps des cathedrals ≫ is the opening song, and as you can figure out this title easily, this song makes me touched all the time and also lyrics are relatively easy :) ≪ Belle ≫ is also a most-loved song in this musical! and in youtube, there are whole series with english subtitle! I saw it in CampusFrance, which you can taste diverse french cultures through books, footages, musics and so on. All you can do is for free :)

Last one is to find some french friends, because they often fix my pronounciation (although they say it is really great, but I couldn't think so :(, anyway! I met my friend in my university, she came to my school as an exchange student. She really helped me find housing and gave some tips.. I think I was really lucky) you can try pen-pal, because she had another friend in my country who met in pen-pal!

I'm not sure it helps you, but I'm sure you have better know-how in French :) Thank you for reading my comments :D


I wish you would do this for each limb of the tree as well. I don't know which part of speech Qu'est ce que is And I cannot find it in this list (lesson routine 2). It would be great to have an augmentation to the tips and notes given on the "eu" pages. These are great notes, and I find quite a few I have followed in order to come back and take notes once I'm done with this Qu'est ce que problem, which is, Is the hyphen dropped from the est-ce que when we put qu' in front of it? And why?

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