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This is NOT official. This is a guide I have created mainly for my own learning, to assist in acquiring skills in the order of the duolingo skills tree:

French grammar

  • Duolingo Lesson 1 from wikia by Dessamator. Well worth checking out !
    2420 words in french as at 14/5/15 ۰
May 25, 2014


It is very nice of you to go to all this trouble to help others. :-)

May 26, 2014

It is also helping me - as I am taking a step back and seeing what I really have learnt, even though I have only passed a couple of check points. And I believe in this site, and I want to see people succeed. Some of them are also part of my real friends, that I have mentioned duolingo to them, and they have joined. And what I am creating is something that I don't see out there on the internet. And interactive reference - with sound - and real people to keep you on the right track with your learning. And available to all - who can access an internet - at no financial impediment. I want to see duolingo succeed at their goal - and that means to also continue to encourage the community. I feel like I am being able to touch the future with what I am doing.

May 26, 2014

Thank you so much. I hope this post stays up so we can continue to use it. Merci

July 18, 2014

Is seems no problem with threads staying up. They do not seem to be cleared out. It is just a matter of finding them ! That is why I am creating my learning loom, and I dream of creating links - logical links to other great comments others have said in previous threads. And also why I want to encourage others to make their own learning loom references. So if you want any help starting to create your own - just ask !
The nodes of information in this site - the single comments and the threads they are contained in is fantastic. But just like a brain - it is when the connections - the logical, insightful, informative connections between nodes - that the real power is realized. It is the difference between living in a village with no roads in and out, to one that has connections - roads - ways to getting to other villages.
You can start by just making little connections on a specific topic. Then perhaps creating a 'key' thread, that links several different topics together - that are of use to you - and may be of use to others.
Anyway - that is one of my many ambitions - I thought I would share.

July 18, 2014

+2 lingot hahah all that I had xD

January 31, 2015

I'm really appreciated what you are doing :D

December 23, 2014

Also, something you could do, is take notes of other threads that you find useful - and point them out to me. I can show you how to make your own learning loom. And I might also reference them in my learning loom as I see relevant :D

December 23, 2014

Yep:D I'll constantly make my best! and actually, I really love to share what I've learned so I used to share my knowledge with others through sites like quora. But in french, I'm totally a newbie in this field... Although only in 2 weeks I will go to Paris as a student, I'm going to have to try my best :).. Well, I'm not sure it will works for you but there are few tips I found :D

First, before I try duolingo french in website, there is a ≪ tips and note ≫ ! At first i didn't notice it because I only tried it in my phone. But if you are using website, reading throughly before you try will help you a lot!

Second is to find some french cultures you love so much! In fact, I'm deep into musicals and plays, especially Notre dame de Paris, and some of musics are so famous that you can easily find the translated version. ≪ Les temps des cathedrals ≫ is the opening song, and as you can figure out this title easily, this song makes me touched all the time and also lyrics are relatively easy :) ≪ Belle ≫ is also a most-loved song in this musical! and in youtube, there are whole series with english subtitle! I saw it in CampusFrance, which you can taste diverse french cultures through books, footages, musics and so on. All you can do is for free :)

Last one is to find some french friends, because they often fix my pronounciation (although they say it is really great, but I couldn't think so :(, anyway! I met my friend in my university, she came to my school as an exchange student. She really helped me find housing and gave some tips.. I think I was really lucky) you can try pen-pal, because she had another friend in my country who met in pen-pal!

I'm not sure it helps you, but I'm sure you have better know-how in French :) Thank you for reading my comments :D

December 24, 2014

Sorry my personal life is a bit too busy at the moment - and all I am managing to do is selfishly progress with my learning. But I do enjoy writing these pages, and they do help me deepen and reinforce my learning. And when I hear it is also good for others - well that encourages me. The great thing about putting my notes up here is that it also encourages me to present my understandings in a more thorough way than my private jumbled notes. Hopefully in the new year I will again find the head space to continue on with these notes. I encourage and would love to support other people to make their own public notes. We all explain things differently, and different explanations make more sense - or is more relevant at a specific moment in time. Thank you lapinee for encouraging me :)

December 23, 2014
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