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Regarding adjustments made to XP for testing out of skills

Hi Teachers,

Recently, we announced a change in the XP for testing out of skills, with 20 XP now being gained for completion of tests.

It is to our understanding this likely has had an impact on yourself and your students when they choose to take advantage of this option, as a part of the classroom. For this reason, we want users of Duolingo for Schools in the know and to share their thoughts.

Please read more about this at the following link: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/31193643 and share your feedback regarding this update.

Thanks for your time!

  • KevinR86
March 20, 2019



1) I consider the change in XP cap code by Duolingo's staff as a lazy, inefficient workaround for the main problem:

"Testing out of an individual skill" is far too easy, because it does not give the most difficult lessons of that skill, such as .....

  • optimal variation in words, sentences and grammar
  • in crown level 1-4:
    only translations into the target language
  • in crown level 3 + 4:
    only "use keyboard" instead of "use word banks"

2) Reaching crown level 5 is totally useless.
In my experience, practice in crown level 5 will give you only lessons at crown level 0 and 1 instead of lessons at crown level 4!


I have a student that likes to "test out." She's smart and works hard, but at the end of the class she doesn't have any diagnostics that reflect the work she's put in. I feel weird telling her "testing out is a waste of time!" Her "lessons" and "xp" would suggest she needs to work harder.


I agree.

XP assignments are always unfair.

Only in the Android app:
Achieving several correct answers in a row during a lesson (not during practice) can lead to getting up to 5 additional XP as a "Combo Bonus".




we both use (much) older Duolingo (Android) mobile app versions ;)

Quote: Achieving several correct answers in a row ...can lead to getting up to 5 additional XP as a "Combo Bonus"

As far as I had read this Android bonus XP feature was removed in more recent versions.


I always use the most recent version of Duolingo's Android app.
Today: 4.10.2

The "Combo Bonus" has reappeared on Mar 23, 2019 in (at least) two of my accounts.



BTW: Did I miss your 1000 days celebration thread or are you gonna post one at 1095days? ;)


Hi Thomas,

No, I don't like to write about myself.
However, I celebrated my 1000 days with my family.

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