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Heeft and Hebt

Someone please tell me when to use these word bc i dont understand why im getting some of the questions wrong.

March 20, 2019



you say "heeft" with hij, ze, and het. You say "hebt" with je, jij, and u. You can see how to conjugate "hebben" here: https://cooljugator.com/nl/hebben


You are right, although ....


“U heeft" is also an accepted, a correct, conjugation of 'hebben'.
Thus, for the formal you form, the formal second person singular, both heeft and hebt can be used. I am not putting this in the scheme above because it is easier to learn 'u hebt' as the standard form conjugation, 'u' being a second person singular pronoun.
However, in principle, both forms are ok and can be used.


Correct. I am a native speaker myself and I use "u heeft"more often. I would say that "u heeft" and "u hebt" are used about equally.


I would say that "u heeft" and "u hebt" are used about equally.

I think it depends on the region where you live.
Personally, I never use "u heeft" but I often see it in Duolingo.


That is correct. The usage of 'u hebt' and 'u heeft' depends on the region. In the northern region, they tend to use 'u heeft' more often. 'U hebt' is used as it is more congruent regarding the conjugation of the verb and the etymology of the personal pronoun, as 'u' is technically used as a 2nd personal pronoun.

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