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"Wenn Du auf dieses Pferd setzt, wird es vielleicht gewinnen."

April 9, 2013



I think your confusion comes from the fact, that German has "sitzen" and "(sich) setzen". "Sitzen" is "being seated", "sich setzen" is "to sit down". "Setzen auf" (mind the preposition) is "to bet". (it is equivalent to "how much will you put on this horse?")


First time I've heard of setzen being used as "to bet". How do you know if it means "to sit" or "to bet", especially in this context?


"If you're sitting on this horse..." would be "Wenn du auf diesem Pferd sitzt..." - it's a different verb ('sitzen' instead of 'setzen') and a different case (dative instead of accusative).

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