"Forbidden to walk after this cross."

Translation:Dilarang berjalan setelah palang ini.

March 21, 2019

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sesudah and setelah are synonyms so either should be accepted


yes, that's right.


This English is not right if the meaning is crossroads. Instead of "this cross" it should be "this crossing" or "this crossroads". See Jon.Orble below - the meaning is barrier


In this context “palang” means a barrier, boom gate, road block, etc that goes across the road to prevent you proceeding further. (So not a “crossroad” but the barrier may be their because of anther road, a railway line, etc.)


Why isn’t Duo doing anything about this big error? People are reporting it over and over for years with no action taken!

The word “palang”, in the context of a sign with this sentence on it, has this meaning according to my KBBI dictionary:

logs of wood (bamboo, iron, etc.) that are placed across roads, doors, etc.; palang angin something that is installed (in windows, doors, etc.) to withstand gusts of wind; palang jalan logs of wood (bamboo, iron, etc.) roadblocks; palang kereta api - crossings (on highways) that are crossed by trains; palang merah - a humanitarian organization that aims to provide assistance to the sick and injured in war or natural disasters; palang pintu - a latch (wood, iron, etc.) locking the door;

It is very clear that the English word “cross” works as a translation of “palang” in some contexts (eg: Red Cross) but not others. In the road/highway context (that is what’s relevant here) “palang” might be translated as “barrier”, “boom gate”, “crossing” but never as “cross”.


Hi Jon, FYI you also replied to a comment by me, above. I struck through my comment as it was mistaken, but after editing my comment I can no longer see yours. I didn't realise that would happen, sorry.


What does cross/palang refer to in this sentence?


The closest I can get is "palang" in the sense of "palang jalan", which means "roadblock, barrier" according to the dictionary at sealang.net.


The English sentence doesn't make any sense to me.


I dont think a palang is the same as a crossroad


I think you are right. I just googled Images for "palang jalan" and the first three images were pictures of barriers. Reckon they're barriers across the road.


dilarang berjalan selepas palang ini is wrong?

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