"This is a rainy day."

Translation:He lā ua kēia.

March 21, 2019

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This course desperately needs structured grammar lessons. The vocabulary is fine, but the grammar feels inconsistent and like I have to engage in guessword


Can someone explain this one? I haven't come across ua before.


Ua means rain. The while sentance translates to "this day is rainy." He la (a day) (ua) rain (kēia) this. This is how the sentance structure goes with the subject and/or demonstrative at the end. think of the demonstrative (this) to modify the subject of (a day) so what you are saying is this day is rainy or this is a rainy day which is saying the same thing.


ua is rainy but the structure doesn't make sense to me


He = "is a". (Is a) day rain, this. The action info comes first, details later. "He" - you are going to make a statement (or state a question). Statement about the day (rainy) and then when (this, or today.)

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