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  5. "Kūʻai au i ka lole."

"Kūʻai au i ka lole."

Translation:I buy clothes.

March 21, 2019



Audio is "ki ka lole" while text is "ka lole". Which is correct?


The audio on mine is "i ka lole" as written. Maybe listen again and if yours is still saying "ki" instead of "i " you could let the programmers know there's an error.


I answered "I buy the dress" because "ka" is singular. Is clothes assumed to be a collective noun, kinda like the opposite of "poʻe" or "ʻai"? It's a little confusing.


yes, clothes really is a collective noun, and in Hawaiian could be singular or plural.


My answer: I purchase clothes. Why is this not acceptable??


it just hasn't been added to list of correct answers yet. you can report it and someone might be able to add it :)


Why would "I buy the clothing" be wrong? "The clothing" and "clothes" both have the same meaning and are nouns.


The authors just did not include all possible answers in the system. The next time you come across it, then report it that your answer should be correct.

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