"That dance needs a thousand people."

Translation:Tari itu memerlukan seribu orang.

March 21, 2019

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I understan "tarian" is more commonly used.


Really ?
Tell us all about it please.


You seem to know a lot about Bahasa Indonesia. I was simply looking for an affirmation or a repudiation of my statement.

In the context of the sentence in question, it seems to me "tarian" should be the word to use since it does not refer to a specific name of a dance (eg. tari pendet, tari kecak, etc). Sorry, I don't have much to tell you. But have you heard of Google?

https://jagokata.com/arti-kata/tarian.html https://brainly.co.id/tugas/644470 https://id.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tarian_Indonesia https://masbidin.net/macam-macam-tarian-daerah-dan-penjelasannya/ https://carakus.com/tarian-daerah-34-provinsi-gambarnya/ https://ilmuseni.com/seni-pertunjukan/seni-tari/tarian-tradisional-indonesia


since it does not refer to a specific name of a dance

That's why they use "tari itu" (that dance), simply to avoid the use of a specficic name of a specific dance.

'tari' and 'tarian' should both be fine for this sentence.

Yes, I have heard of Google.
Have you heard of KBBI ?
That's the official dictionary.

Here are the KBBI definitions:

n gerakan badan (tangan dan sebagainya) yang berirama, biasanya diiringi bunyi-bunyian (musik, gamelan, dan sebagainya)

Gabungan Kata
tari bedaya; tari bedaya ketawang; tari bondan; tari cokek; tari degola; tari Dolan Keemasan; tari eksperimental; tari galop; tari gambus; tari gandrung; tari Hula-Hula; tari inai; tari kejang; tari keris; tari kipas; tari lantiarosa; tari patobo; tari payung; tari pencak silat; tari pendet; tari perut; tari piring; tari pomani; tari ranggas; tari telanjang; tari topeng


tari » ta.ri.an
n jenis tari; gaya tari

Do you see the entries in KBBI ?
Take a look at "Gabungan kata".
tari …, tari …. , tari ini, tari itu, …


I put harus instead of memerlukan. Why was this wrong?


"Harus" is a verbal auxiliary, not a verb. Let's say "That dance must a thousand people." Don't you think a verb is needed in this sentence? Replacing "memerlukan" with "harus" makes the whole sentence grammatically broken like that.

FYI: Some Indonesian grammar textbooks regard verbal auxiliary as adverb. Anyway, you still need a verb after "harus". Hope this helps!


Why is it memerlukan can't you just use perlu?

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