Any type of Hebrew listening material.

Hey, guys! In my experience of learning languages i've found out that the best way in learning any language is by hearing it and basically living it. So, I was wondering if any of you had any recommendation for Hebrew listening materials whether they are movies, shows, music or podcasts. I would really appreciate it if there are subtitles, but i couldnt find much online so i wouldn't get my hopes up much. Thank you so much for any kind of help. -B

March 21, 2019


Easy Languages Channel, You Tube

Easy Hebrew series.

Listening comprehension of real life native speakers interviewed by volunteer native speakers in their natural settings. 5 videos for Hebrew. (other languages on this channel have many more series)

Subtitles: Hebrew and English.

!! Level: advanced !!

this is a link to Easy Hebrew 1 (the other series follow, and as they progress they get harder).

All other videos can also be found by typing into search the titles..(Easy Hebrew 2 etc) or from subscribing to the channel. Enjoy!

March 22, 2019

Another YouTube source, similar to the Easy Hebrew series mentioned above, is Hebrew Street, by Hebrew teacher Alisa Zingerman.

There are also five videos in this series, and you can select Hebrew or English subtitles on a desktop computer.

The dialogue is fast, but if you have the YouTube App to watch either of these series, you can slow down the audio. Before playing, or when pausing, in the upper right corner of the video are three vertical dots. Tap on them, select Playback speed, then choose the desired speed. You also can switch between English and Hebrew subtitles, under Captions.

March 22, 2019


Thank you so much!! This is awesome I am going to check these out for sure! Best wishes! :-))

שיהי לך סוף השבוע מצוין

March 23, 2019

תודה! היה לי סוף השבוע טובה :-). גם אני שמחה שהסרטונים מוצאים חן בעיניך.

March 26, 2019
  • היה לי סוף שבוע טוב *
March 27, 2019

תודה! אני גם מעריכה את התקון.

March 27, 2019

@ Valoriep,

איזה יופי של ביטוי זה, "למצוא חן בעיני מישהו" אני ממש אוהבת ביטוים של עברית...


March 27, 2019
  • שיהיה לך סוף שבוע מצוין *
March 27, 2019

אינת, תודה על התיקון !אני מעריכה את זה.. :-))

March 27, 2019

Thank you :-)

March 22, 2019

Netflix have a few Israeli shows in Hebrew - I don't know if this available on their service worldwide, but if it does- it has built in subtitles: Traffic Light (comedy), The Baker & The Beauty (romantic drama), Fauda (action\drama), Police Force (documentary) .

On Youtube assuming it is not blocked outside israel - check out Kaan and Kaan11 as they have full episodes or their own produced show- some with English Hebrew subtitles.

Podcasts - Hebrew101 , Hebrew Podcasts , Modern Hebrew and many others. Available on podcasts app or website like Podbean:

March 24, 2019

Shtisel is on Netflix and is lovely. Srugim is very good too and is, I think, on Amazon prime. I buy whatever Israeli films I can find on ebay and Amazon, and also many DVD's have Hebrew as a dubbed option or subtitles. Not every dvd but they are out there! Good luck. :-)

March 22, 2019

כאן אחת עשרה (Kan Akhat Es're)

It's a YouTube channel with various clips from Tv. It has alot of content. All in Hebrew! Hebrew subs are always available. Here's the link:

שרוטונים Srutonim

A YouTube channel with goofy cartoons... In Hebrew! English subs are sometimes available. The link:


YouTube channel with Hebrew TV show episodes, discussions on English tv shows (in Hebrew) and more. Alot of content! The link:

March 22, 2019


Thank you so much!! This is so helpful and this is a lot of great material for listening and watching, immersion style..

ממש תודה לך,זה מאוד שימושי

March 23, 2019

My pleasure! תהנה

March 24, 2019

thank you so much for this

April 5, 2019

Many radio stations in Israel are broadcasting in the net. I can give you few 103 FM KAN 11 (כאן 11) GALATZ Reshet 13 (רשת 13) Keshet channel 12 (קשת ערוץ 12)

March 22, 2019

I like to watch Rehov Sumsum or רחוב סומסום the Isreali version of Sesame Street. It is really cute and funny. There are lots of episodes and clips on youtube, a few subtitled.

March 25, 2019

If you're just beginning Hebrew, you may find this link helpful. Most of it is instructional with audio; however, the right column has several songs in Hebrew, with subtitles.

March 22, 2019

If you happen to be on Netflix, you can find quite a number of Israeli TV series. All of them are in Hebrew and offer subtitles in Hebrew, English and some other languages.

Here are some series I watched, am watching or plan to watch:

  • Shtisel (שטיסל)
  • Fauda (פאודה)
  • Hashoter Hatov (השוטר הטוב, The Good Cop)
  • When Heroes Fly (בשבילה גיבורים עפים)
March 22, 2019

There's a new series in Israel called פמת"א (Pamta) A nice one main actress Hen Amsalem (חן אמסלם) (I am an Israeli)......

March 22, 2019

Thank you for suggesting this!

March 23, 2019

this looks like an older post, but I love listening to Hebrew Music artists on Many songs and artists are from Israel.. songs are in English-Hebrew, Spanish-Hebrew, even some French-Hebrew, So like check it out! It's a UNIQUE web radio where you can like songs and build your own stack of songs and artists to flip through, or type in a request for a song.. look up an artist, album, or song... and View the lyrics to the song, if they have been added.

May 23, 2019
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