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"There are five pairs of eyeglasses on the table."

Translation:Aia ʻelima makaaniani ma ke pākaukau.

March 21, 2019



(one possible question) ʻEhia makaaniani ma ke pākaukau? = How many eyeglasses are on the table?

Aia ʻelima makaaniani ma ke pākaukau. = There are five pairs of eyeglasses on the table. or Five pairs of eyeglasses are on the table.


Same question as below: why is it ke instead of ka?


Both "ke" and "ka" are actually used with pākaukau. On Kauaʻi, we ordinarily hear only "ka," but in traditional Hawaiian writings, both are used although "ke" seems to be somewhat more common than "ka" (170 times vs. 38 times in Hawaiian newspapers).

BTW, also in the Hawaiian newspapers you'll almost always find "ma luna o ka/ke pākaukau" instead of just "ma ka/ke pākaukau." Too bad locatives aren't used more in DL.


why is "ke" used with pākaukau, rather that "ka"?


I have lost 4 lives from putting in the correct answer 4 times!!!!! Getting angry with this as can't move past this particular sentence!!!!!

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