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Request: Audio Review

As you know, I'm going through and recording audio for all the sentences in the course. After getting a couple of comments that the audio was too soft, I investigated my computer's settings and noticed that, for reasons which have me utterly baffled, the input volume periodically reduces itself—sometimes quite drastically. If this happened with the output, of course I'd notice right away, but for input, all I can do is check it manually to be sure it's at maximum.

If you happen to go through the course and notice an exercise at a lower volume than you'd expect, could you write a free write report and let me know? Failing that, if you could just report that the audio doesn't sound right, that's fine, but I may listen to it and not hear an error and ignore it. Slowly but surely we'll get everything right!

March 22, 2019



Thank you. Here's hoping these corrections in the audio will happen in the rest of the languages as well.


AFAIK, you can't make freewrite reports from the web anymore, nor from the iPhone app. I believe Android app users can still make freewrite reports (I don't use Android, so I'm uncertain), and usually the only options that come up on the mobile app for iPhone (in my experience) are "My answer was correct" or "There is another problem with this exercise."

Just an FYI in case you're receiving non-specific reports - it might not be that users don't want to give you details but rather that they can't.


This is interesting. I still get freewrite reports. I got one as late as 2 days ago. Whoever has access to them is using them, at least! But understood. I'll be sure to investigate the audio any time a report comes in that doesn't seem to be referring to anything else.


FYI all audio has been recorded up to the second checkpoint! I'm on track to finish all recording by the premiere. Just a reminder that I am checking those audio reports now, so keep sending them! I'm trying to improve them where I can. Every so often I get one where I listen and the volume seems find and I can't find an error, so if nothing happens to a recording after you've reported it, consider reporting it again with a freewrite report, if possible.


Will you continue with the course after the show ends? Are you likely to extend the tree further?


I'll keep working on it as long as it's around, I imagine. The show being on or not doesn't make much difference to me.


Awesome! Can we also expect a tree expansion to coincide with the release of the final season? Or is that something that’s a bit further out?


I just got a tree expansion today! There are five new skills at the bottom of the tree.


are you the writer of the High Varlayin language?


Creator, but yeah.


Cool. my sister wrote a book, (and a language) but it can’t be published, since she’s only 14. and because she doesn’t have an editor, or any proof of publishing. if you want to know more, her username is


thank you for telling me that, and i love the language, and the book! (s?)


Cool, nice. Is it possible to read this book somewhere? Or have a look at it, and on the language? I would like to see an example.


Well, she has a website, (https://aspenpioneer.wordpress.com/) and if you want a direct link to her story, then her it is:


and you have her profile. well, if you don't see it here, then you can make a post about it, and hopefully, i'll see it. or her. i could tell her.


Ou thank you, I will have a look


Your very welcome. glad to help.


amazing !!!!!, you are a GENIOUS


I know High Valyrian is from Game of Thrones, but how was that language developed (what languages was it based off) That has always been really interesting to me but I have just never asked.


Languages don't need to be based on anything: You can just create them. For High Valyrian, the only thing I was working from were the phrases/words Valar morghulis "all men must die", Valar dohaeris "all men must serve", valonqar "little brother", and maybe maegi "wise/witch" (depends). Then there's a descendant word cyvasse. Other than that just a bunch of names with no stated meaning: Aerys, Daenerys, Balerion, Meraxes, Aenys, Rhaella, Tyrion, etc. The language I created had to account for that material from the books (in case you weren't aware, the show Game of Thrones is based on an established, very popular book series A Song of Ice and Fire), but otherwise could do whatever I wished.


I was doing a practise (using the blue thing in the bottom left hand corner, not using the individual skills) and a 'type what you hear' sentence that turned out to be "Gevī bardugon kostan" came up - there was something really weird sounding with the audio on that and I couldn't report it, so I'm mentioning it here instead (overall, the audio is amazing though!)

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