"They do not like us looking through their photographs."

Translation:Mereka tidak suka kami melihat-lihat foto-foto mereka.

March 22, 2019

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Why is "photographs" translated as "foto-foto" and not "foto"? I seem to recall that some plural nouns in English were translated in singular form in other sections.


Because photograps is plural and foto-foto means more than one photo


Why must 'looking through' translate to melihat-lihat and not just melihat? I suggest not breaking up words like that if you want to use 'kata ganda' as answer options, it is very confusing to learners.


melihat just means your looking at a photo. melihat-melihat means you're rifling through the album looking at whatever catches your eye.


mereka tidak senang kami melihat-lihat foto foto mereka. Is this in correct. Senang instead of Suka ?


It seems grammatical to me, but I think it would change the meaning a bit.


It is correct. In this context "suka" and "senang" is interchangeable, although the nuance is a little bit different. I I would like to say it is kind of like comparing "They do not like-" and "They do not pleased-".

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