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Lengths topic: Tips and notes

I think the wording of the Lengths topic's Tips and notes ('ab section) could be improved to make it more clear. I would suggest something like the following:

'ab, 'aD, juch

Usually 'ab means "to have a height of ...", but it is sometimes translated as "to have a length of ..." if the object effectively has one dimension, like a piece of string or a rope. Sometimes even when another dimension can be measured, 'ab may be used to give the length of the greatest dimension, e.g., for a fence that is much longer than tall, 'ab could be used to give the length of the fence, but if the actual height of the fence were important, then 'ab would be used to measure the height, and 'aD the length.

Generally, for objects with two or more distinct dimensions, 'ab is used to measure height, 'aD to measure length, and juch to measure width.

March 22, 2019



That's not a bad suggestion. I'm going to completely remove the thing about the fence, since that's controversial and unnecessary to teach this lesson. I had previously considered clarifying the contrast of 'aD and jach, but decided those definitions are taught in the Skill and didn't need to be clarified. However, there's an additional bit of information that for flat objects 'ab is typically not used, so I think I will go rewrite the Tips & Notes for the Lengths Skill.


The following link should take you directly to the Tips & Notes for that Skill, though, if it hasn't updated yet, just give it a day or so. For anyone else, if the link takes you to your Home page, that's because you haven't unlocked that Skill yet.



Thank you! It's really clear now!

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