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  5. "She can not play."

"She can not play."

Translation:वह खेल नहीं सकती।

March 22, 2019



"Cannot" is more commonly accepted in English than "can not."


Why no "hey" at the end??


(Repeating my reply to you on another thread in case someone else comes by this discussion and has the same question)

In present tense sentences that contain 'नहीं', है ( है/हैं/हो/हूँ) is optional. I am not entirely sure why that is but I've heard that it is probably because नहीं was derived from some variation of ना+है so tacking on another है is redundant.


Finally Vinay. Thank you for explaining the derivation -"ना+है so tacking on another है is redundant". That helps a native English speaker, such as myself, so much! I'm giving you a lingot to emphasize to others following, the value of this explanation! Please go back and add this to the Tips section.

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