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"These people will not study together."

Translation:ये लोग साथ में नहीं पढ़ेंगे।

March 22, 2019



My answer was accepted without the में.


I commemorate your accomplishment of 100000 XP this time! You've been always a tremendous inspiration for me, thank you for studying language together.


Wow, I had no idea that anyone would take notice. Thank you very much for the compliment.


So can u speak hindhi...?


I have been studying very hard for over a year, but Hindi is still very difficult for me to speak. Duolingo only teaches about 600 words. That is about as much as a two year old child knows.


600? That's a bit disappointing for this course after a year; I would have thought this course offered more. I'm at roughly 480 after 85 days straight but I know other phrases and words outside of this course. My 5yr old Indian nephew is running rings around me in Hindi and Marathi; I can't keep up! Chalo!


I chose sath sath mein and it was accepted.


एक साथ is not accepted


Seems like the feminine should work since the "people" could just as well be all female

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