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Where did my 280 day streak go?

Yesterday I had something like a 279 day streak. Today it's showing a 1 day streak?? Not only have I earned at points every single day including yesterday (albeit just 4 since I was a little too busy) but I purchased a streak freeze that should have guaranteed me my streak even if I missed a day. Even my activity graph shows that my streak was unbroken.

Now I'll get over losing the streak, learning the languages is what is really important here, but it still doesn't seem very fair that due to a what I assume is a bug in Duolingos software all that work on keeping up the streak was pointless.

May 26, 2014



Thanks for the report. I looked over your activity and it appears you have practiced each day. I'm restoring your streak because it looks like it was an issue on our end. Thanks for the report!


I need help Bchan. I just lost my 82 day streak last night and I don't know why. I went in to practice about 8:45 pm so I still had plenty of time but it was already back to zero. I have a screen shot to show what time and date I was on there and that it was already at zero.


Thank you very much bchan!

Seems my memory was faulty and I wasn't quite at 279 yet but now I have a renewed enthusiasm to get there!


Hey Bchan! I really need your helop but I don't know how to contact you :( Please answer.. (feel like talking to the universe now haha.. )


Oh no, almost 300:( That happened to me two weeks ago as well!! 100+ days gone.. I'm here for learning french, but it's still annoying.. I earned several points too, but lost my streak none the less.. Since you had a streak freeze it should have kept your streak though, that was weird:/


I've noticed sometimes when I do lessons on my iPhone, they don't show up later. Yesterday, for instance, I successfully completed 2 of 9 French lessons, but when I returned it showed 0/9 done, so I had to do them over. A few days ago my 100+ day streak ended abruptly when my iPhone lessons didn't show up. I know this is not that important in the scheme of things, but keeping up my streak really encourages me to stay at it


Happened to me as well.. I hope they fix it soon, 'cause practicing offline during commute is really practical!


Howe do I reattach


I lost my 90+ streak as well, not being the first time losing my streak unreasonably. In addition, the fluency rating has gone wild at times. Anyhow, I want to thank DL for this wonderful opportunity to learn languages this way and wish DL well.

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