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  5. "No, we do not have babies."

"No, we do not have babies."

Translation:Nein, wir haben keine Babys.

April 10, 2013



So, Babys and Babies are both acceptable plural forms of das Baby?


Babys is the new, 'official' translation. The "neue Rechtschreibung" (latest spelling reform) has determined that the plural of English words used in German ending with -y is to be -ys. Before that, "babies" was used as the plural. Both are (still) acceptable, but the official translation is better. So throw out those old Babies with the bathwater, and welcome your new Babys!


It feels so wrong to write "Babys". I feel like I'm one of the people on Yahoo! Answers asking questions... "How do u mak babys?" Oh well, I guess I'll get over it.


did you answer it?


Babys is the only acceptable plural form nowadays. (See for example: http://www.canoo.net/spelling/baby:N:N).


And yet - four years later - in the multiple choice I was presented with, only "Babies" appeared - there was no choice with "Babys"


why on earth is "nein wir haben babys nicht" wrong? But "nein babies haben wir nicht" is right?


If I am correct, you answer should have been correct. However, "Nein, Babies haben wir nicht," is still correct due to the German syntax. It is correct because the verb is the second element of the sentence with the subject following directly after. It follows the rules just fine. If you are wondering, nein is an interjection so it doesn't affect the structure of the rest of the sentence. Everything proceeding it follows the structure.

I hope I was correct as well as helpful.


I agree with your explanation about the positioning of the verb but the position of 'nicht' is not correct, it should be after 'haben'. So, "Nein, wir haben nicht Babies", but what I learned from the lesson about negatives, 'keine' are usually used instead of 'nicht' since there is no article used before the word 'babies'.

I hope I'm correct.


Why is it Keine here?


Why is it Babies not Babys


Why not "haben nicht" ?


How do you know it's keine, not kein? Baby isn't feminine.


It is because 'babys' is plural. So, the definite article is "die" which requires "kein" to be declined to "keine".

[deactivated user]

    I am getting three German options, all of which say "Babies" instead of "Babys". In other discussions, and below, it's stated that "Babys" is correct German and "Babies" is not. When I tried to report it, the only option is "The English sentence is unnatural or has an error." which is not the issue. I don't know how else to report this.


    The German choices all show it spelled as "babies" rather than "Babys" on the multiple choice version of this question. This is definitely a mistake.


    I had the same experience just now


    Babys is correct. But it appears that no correction has been made to this question in DuoLingo.


    Often case in Europe nowadays.


    Why can't it be "Nein, wir haben kein Baby"?


    Because the sentence to be translated is in the plural. Baby is singular.

    For context think:

    Question: Do you have any babies?

    Answer: No, we have no babies --> not "No, we have no baby."


    Why can't I use "Wir haben keinen babys"?


    You can't use "keinen Babys" because "keinen" is for a masculine singular noun in the accusative case.

    In this instance, "Babys" is plural --> babies. It is, therefore "die Babys" and will use "keine" in the accusative. If it were only one baby, then you would use "kein" because "Baby" is neuter in German. "Wir haben kein Baby" --> We don't have a baby.

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