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  5. "I sleep at half past eight."

"I sleep at half past eight."

Translation:Saya tidur pukul setengah sembilan.

March 23, 2019



I have learnt that this is the dutch influence on the Indonesian language. Where I live in Australia we say 'half past' where as in Holland and Indonesia its 'half to'. So half past eight is half to nine eg setengah sembilan


Thanks a lot! This is easy to understand :D Here's a lingot for you ^_^


Have they got 8 and 9 mixed up here or am i missing something?


While in English it's common to say "half past eight" and shorten it to "half eight", in other languages the phrase "half eight", means "half of the eighth hour (half past seven)". (And this is why Germans are always an hour early ;)


The problem is that in English they skip the 'past' which actually is necessary. In Indonesian and Dutch they say it's not nine yet, it's half nine.. another half more and you have a whole nine


A native English speaker would not say this. They would say: I go to sleep at half past eight. And yes “sembilan” is nine, not eight.


Yes... I am not a native English speaker and I also cannot understand, what does it mean: "I sleep at..." Did he/she sleep for a minute?


sembilan is nine. thanks ScottDunni1 for explanation


"I sleep at half past eight" = "Saya tidur pukul delapan lebih setengah" "I sleep at half to nine" = "Saya tidur pukul setengah sembilan" Right?

Please stop making us confused haha


Sembilan is 9, not 8


yes, so is: pukul setengah sembilan = half past nine or is it half past eight?


Sembilan is nine not eight, right? I am confused


Can I say "saya tidur jam delapan lewat setengah"?

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