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  5. "Voi siete uomini."

"Voi siete uomini."

Translation:You all are men.

April 10, 2013



why does "sono" not work for this ?


Io sono, tu sei, lui/lei è, noi siamo, voi siete, loro sono.


"Sono uomini" would translate to "They are men"


Surely 'You are men' is not an incorrect translation.


You are right. "You are men" is a correct translation; I believe Duolingo uses the phrase "you all" in translations to clearly indicate the pronoun "voi" is the plurual you.


What is the difference between you all and we. I keep getting things wrong bc i put we instead of you all.


If you were speaking to a group of people, in English one would use the pronoun "you"; in Italian one would use the pronoun "voi". Example "Do you read?" in Italian "Voi leggete?" If you are speaking about yourself and others, in English one would use the pronoun "we"; in Italian one would use the pronoun "noi". Example "We read a book." in Italian "Noi leggiamo un libro." Voi is the plural you (all of you or you all); Noi is we.


Out of curiosity, but is the difference between uomini and uomo also the reason why voi siete uomini translates to you all are men instead of you are men like we get with voi siete ragazzi, which translates to something like you are boys?


Voi siete uomini can be translated to either "you are men" or "you all are men"; voi siete ragazzi can also be translated to either "you are boys" or "you all are boys". It is important to know that "voi" is the plural you (you all) "tu" is the singular you (you the one individual I am speaking to). Does that help?


Not really as that doesn't explain why you'd use "You all are" over "You are" besides having one use uomini and the other one using uomo. With duolingo for example, voi siete uomini is only counted correct when you use you all are men where-as with ragazzi ( and i even saw it with uomo as well now that i think about it ) it counts it correct with "You are boys " but not when i go with "You all are boys". Hence the curiosity as i've heard from other italians as well that it can be translated both ways while duolingo doesn't agree with that.


Alternate translation: You are men. However, be aware that you are speaking to more than one person. "Voi" is the plural form of "you" and "uomini" means "men".


Isn't using the "southern US" "y'all" in Duolingo's courses kind of silly? Who learns a language without understanding the difference between "you" in singular and plural? The phrase "You are men" clearly shows that it is the plural second person that is sought in the question.


I did not speak into the microphone. The TV was on and this app registered that as my responding to the prompt. Not fair.


i thought it said you are man XD


Wtf is 'yall' ??? Yall are men?? Omg


Reminds me of this Fawlty Towers scene:

"You are men!"


Voi is y'all. Or you guys. Or youse. The difference between a singular and plural you is very subtle outside of the South. Or Spanish ustedes, a casual address versus the formal.


Is seite= are all??? really doubt.coz i check the meaning of seite,it means =you are.where is all come from?


"You all" is an attempt to translate the plural you in a language that doesn't distinguish the two forms anymore.

  • Tu sei: old English "thou art" -> modern English "you are"
  • Voi siete: you are

To distinguish the second meaning duolingo sometimes uses "you all", "you guys" and so on.


Grazie for your explanation. I needed it!

It is just like Spanish Ustedes/Vosotros.


As f.formica says, Duo writes "You all..." but you shouldn't use it for translations from Italian to English because it isn't accepted. Just use "You are..."


The way you remember siete is in spanish it is seven. There are seven people. There is more than one person. You get it?


Ohhhh thanks thats good thinking cuz I know spanish and I keep getting mixed up


No, you can't. "Sono uomini" would translate to "They are men." The pronoun "voi" is the plural "you".


There is no all in the italian and it is idiosyncratic dialect in english


Uomini confused. Me on jow ro spel of jt


You are men...that doesn't make any sense.


The language is too hard


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Что такое plural form?


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How are you people having trouble?


Not everyone is as flawless as Joshua McCune.

It's only the first few lessons or so- don't think you ought to give everyone a break?


I agree, Catni. He/she is rude to this young person.


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