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"There is a white line on the board."

Translation:Il y a une ligne blanche sur le tableau.

April 10, 2013



I wrote "sur le tableau" on an earlier version of a similar question and was marked wrong because they wanted "au tableau". So this time I put "au tableau" and was dinged. is one of these uses actually incorrect? thanks.


Depends what was the previous sentence. If you send someone to write on the board, you will say "Va au tableau", but once he'll write, he will say "j'écris sur le tableau".

Now, concerning that specific example, "Il y a une ligne blanche au tableau" is not incorrect per se, but it feels a bit odd.


"au tableau" (contraction of à-le) implies a movement, as Ferynn said, that you can find with verb "aller".

In English, depending on context, you can find "to the board" (go) on "on the board" (write) for the same reasons.


i did exactly the same as lolaphilologist. However, as it appears to be variable depending on context, movement, etc couldn't the 'au tableau' answer 'the professor showed us the lines on the board' equally be 'sur le tableau' (the lines that were on the board)?


Actually, I'm pretty sure both would be accepted (maybe not if we follow a super-strict grammar). You could say, for example: copiez ce qu'il y a au tableau, and to me "sur le tableau" sounds rather unnatural.


je ne peux plus avoir le son sur mon cour danglais quest que je peux faire

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