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"nuqDaq bIHtaH 'Iw HIq balmey'e'?"

Translation:Where are the bottles of bloodwine?

March 23, 2019



Just to confirm: 'Iw HIq balmey can mean either 'bottles of bloodwine' - i.e., bottles containing bloodwine - or it can mean 'bloodwine bottles', that is, bottles for bloodwine, regardless of whether the bottles actually contain bloodwine at the time of speaking of not. jIlugh'a'?


Yes. 'Iw HIq literally means alcohol, of the type identified with blood, and 'Iw HIq balmey means *bottles, of the sort identified with 'Iw HIq. Whether's it's identified with bloodwine because it contains bloodwine or because it's destined to hold or once did hold bloodwine is not specified.


qatlho', De'vID!

(I know that's not the Klingon name you go by, but I've forgotten yours.) :)

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