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Master a skill

How can I master a skill when I run out of the 3 attempts? I completed all the lessons about food and translated the two texts taken from the web but still I am missing a lot of points to master... Why?

July 16, 2012



you can "refres this skill" and every time you do it and pass you will gain 10 points and that's how you can master after the three attempts. Though I haven't used my three attempts on anything so I'm not sure if something changes after the three attempts. But I masteres spanish basics 1 without any attempts cause I just "refreshed this skill" enough times.


If you look at the side it will have a test out of this skill. Some lessons are still being developed I think and don't yet have enough content to master the skill the normal way.


I've already tested that skill 3 times (and failed)... so now It's impossible for me to master even though I translated a lot of sentences from the web texts. Anyway, thank you for your help.


Well, the fact that you failed the test three times shows that you need more practice. If they were to let you take the test as often as you want, it would become meaningless. The tests are really only meant for people who have previous knowledge of the language.


@alesco It sounds like you have noticed this already, but some translations will give you points in certain skills. So you master by translating relevant sentences and by refreshing the lessons. I move on after having refreshed a bit, and then practice by translating. Since some translations will give you points in more than one skill, I think that is a more effective way of learning. And it is a great incentive to focus on translation, once you have the basics down.


The food lesson takes a lot of refreshing or translation. I didn't enjoy the confusion of that but it does make you learn the lesson. If you keep failing the tests, you haven't mastered anything anyway. Instead of grabbing web translations, try doing it yourself.

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