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"A teacher usually examines the students"

Translation:Mwalimu hukagua wanafunzi

March 24, 2019



this is very shabby - where is the lesson on the habitual tense? how can we know about something we have not been taught!!!!!!!!!!!!


Given the inconsistent use of the habitual tense in this course, this alternative translation should also be accepted: Kwa kawaida mwalimu anakugua wanafunzi


we are slowly working on ironing out the inconsistencies, but by and large:

for present simple tense, habitual, the infix is '-hu-' (even with 'kwa kawaida')

for present simple tense of non-action verbs, and present continuous tense, the infix is '-na-'


there is no "hukagua "in the choices given

[deactivated user]

    Wanafunzi ni wasomi.

    [deactivated user]

      Huwakagua - this should be acceptable. It has a continuous connotation.


      This is pretty creep


      Ithink the correct translation for examine is "kutahini". "Kukagua" in my defence means to search.

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