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"Le chien marche depuis là-bas."

Translation:The dog walks from there.

April 10, 2013



Can someone explain what, Le chien marche depuis la-bas, means to say? Because if it means to say, The dog walks from there, I would think they could just say, Le chien marche de la, or, ....depuis la, or, .....de il y a?

Why, depuis, instead of, de? And why, la-bas, instead of just la? Also Duo say that french sentence also means, .....from here?


I've been speaking french since I was six and never heard 'depuis' used spatially. That doesn't mean it's impossible, but it's certainly not common if it is correct.


I thought "depuis" was a temporal preposition like "since," e.g., "depuis qu'il est grand." Here it seems to be used as a spatial preposition.


Both are correct. It is used as a starting point in a spatial or temporal configuration.


Weird, awkward sentence.


"from here" or "from there"? and what is the difference in french?

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