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I'm back to Duo!

Hi, All: I've been off of Duo for awhile (just a lesson here and there) over the last several months. I'm totally impressed to see some of the regulars still going strong and still posting! I'm hoping to get to level 25 before I head back to Italy on May 15, but not at all sure that I will make it. (No worries if I don't; I just like goals.) The good news is that I have stayed rather steady with the Pimsleur lessons. I'm almost half way through Italian 3 in Pimsleur. But everything is starting to get a lot harder--and I am certainly not a quick learning when it comes to languages. Anyway, just wanted to post something so my friends know I'm still working at Italian and determined to show improvement from when I was there last year! Ciao, tutti!

March 24, 2019



Good to hear from you. Glad you're still learning. Enjoy your next trip to Italy in May. Tanti auguri...


Ciao, Linda! You are amazing. I am so impressed with your dedication to languages.


Va bene! Ho vissuto a La Maddalena per due anni e mezzo.

I was in the U.S. Navy then. Hope you enjoy your learning as well as your stay in Italy!


Hello Carol . Good to see you again. I am still working at it too, hoping that one day it will ‘flow’ for me. I am still loving the attempt, much of that pleasure from the support of the regulars here. You are doing well, and Italy to look forward to!


Grazie mille, Helen. 814 days is quite amazing! I keep telling myself that "normal" people speak Italian, so I should be able to as well....

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