"Kamu tidak pernah mengunjungi saya."

Translation:You never visit me.

March 24, 2019

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I think some of my friends and teachers in Java would have advised me to replace /tidak/ in this sentence with /belum/. Dunno if that's a common, more polite speech pattern there or whether something else is going on.


Both "tidak pernah" and "belum" may work, but they have different connotations. "Belum" is used particularly when the speaker says "the action hasn't been taken yet, but there is a possibility in the future". "Tidak pernah" means "never" and it negates a sentence more strongly.

If I meant "I did a favor for you many times. But you have never ever visited me when I needed your help. What an ungrateful person you are!", I would use "tidak pernah" because I am disappointed at this person and I don't expect him to change his behavior.

I would use "belum" if "you were supposed to visit my place at 3pm but haven't arrived YET, and I am hoping you are just late".


You could also say you never travel to me.

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